domingo, 29 de dezembro de 2013


thanks for the love, mom.

but I fear those eyes when they are locked in the mirror
wondering who am I
from whom did I get those freckles?
I just lost myself to myself, sometimes
bound in the commitment of making myself a product of me
and how couldn't I just want to walk by the rain
and get wet
and be moved by something bigger than myself?
how could you not understand my need to cry?
the need to be left alone?
I just want to be pure.
purely mine.
pure of love and cruelty and insecurities and silly freckles and week knees
can't you understand?
I wanna lose myself to me and lose you to be mine.
change me, change my life: get out
I still love you, but I just don't need you anymore to make me feel so miserable.

(and I know i'm gonna regret and miss you,
but right now I just want to be an happy asshole)

quarta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2013

poesia de Natal

a vida, no final das contas, é uma grande foda
e às vezes a gente é obrigado a engolir 
uma porra que não quer 

domingo, 22 de dezembro de 2013

this is for me to keep believing in guys, girls, guns and romance with lots of blues and weed

just wanted someone to take me to sea
it is so hard, can't you tell?
'cause any men can see
what is missing in me 

for me to get lost around it all
just a lonely bar in a old town
and a lonely girl trying to get
her way out

lost sailor of all shores
just take me out of my love
'cause its killing me to live
without any waves in the sky
or in the earth,
but mostly in my heart

meu marinheiro

tão bonito de ver
meu marinheiro chegar
cansado do mundo
querendo nos meus beijos desbravar
sete mares bravos
e no meu corpo todo esgotar
os loucos delírios do mar

(mas eu tenho medo do mar
se nos braços das ondas
eu me deixar levar
enquanto tenho tanto amor e a maresia pra buscar minha dor, pedirei à Sereia que me leve de carona até o próximo porto onde vive o meu amor)